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By Kay Clark | Last Updated April 01, 2015
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That’s not to say I’m great, by any means. Or even close to my husband, who is still our go-to guy for all things kitchen-related (well, except maybe breakfast – I fry a pretty mean egg). And I’m obviously nowhere near the caliber of the chefs we feature here.

But, the simple act of focusing on food through my work on this magazine has made me more aware of what’s important in the kitchen. And, as most great chefs will tell you, starting with fresh, quality ingredients makes a huge difference in the final outcome, even if technique leaves a bit to be desired.

That’s the philosophy at Locale Gourmet Market. Part grocery store, part grab-and-go restaurant, part fine-dining establishment, it’s a place for fresh, locally sourced food. “These are the products we use and the way we like to eat,” Co-owner and Chef Don Pintabona says.

Their support of local producers is creating significant impact and one business that’s benefitting is Two Docks Shellfish, a Sarasota-based company whose farm just happens to be on the bottom of Tampa Bay. The father-son team has expanded their business quickly, and we’re glad they’ve officially crossed the water to provide Locale with clams pulled straight from our local area.

Just as committed to local sourcing, though on a smaller, more intimate scale, is Chef Greg Seymour of Pizzeria Gregario. Chef Greg has spent a lifetime studying the art of cooking – and found the right combination for a perfect pie in the process. Not only does that involve a very specific crust, but hand-selecting or hand-making what goes on top. The result is a primer in how quality ingredients prepared and presented simply can create an unforgettable meal.

As for my recently improved cooking skills, I quite enjoyed recipe testing for this issue. Using leeks and radishes picked up from Saturday Morning Market vendor Little Pond Farms along with humanely-raised pork I ordered (and had delivered to my door!) from our advertiser Turtle Beach Food Service, I ventured into new territory: cooked radishes. If you’re questioning that choice, take my word for it. Our recipe for Pork Cutlets with Buttered Leeks and Radishes is simple enough for a weeknight meal, but makes a beautiful presentation for a fancier occasion – and is downright delicious.

It’s also what convinced me that I really can cook. Then again, I was also recipe testing a new twist on the classic gin and tonic that same day. So, yeah, there’s that … but I wasn’t the only one complimenting the cook!

To good eats!

-Kay Clark, Publisher/Editor

A few folks (my father among them … thanks, Dad!) pointed out an error in our Winter 2015 issue: We gave credit to John Denver for the song “Home Grown Tomatoes.” While Mr. Denver did cover the tune, Guy Clark was its originator. Our apologies to Mr. Clark for the error.

Quick Bites: Evening with the Chefs, Banyan Cafe, Burg Diner, Kahwa Coffee, Craft Kafe, Kings Street, and Fresh Kitchen

Piping and Plating
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Drying hibiscus
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Hibiscus Lemonade

Hibiscus Lemonade
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A Chef-Driven Locale

Chef Don Pintabona
In this moment, Chef Don may not be able to pick up the soft impressions made in the dough. But his vision for Locale Market is clear: Support local to serve your family and community well.

Chef Don Pintabona's Cavatelli Pasta with Peas, Prosciutto & Ricotta

Chef Don Pintabona's Cavatelli Pasta with Peas, Prosciutto & Ricotta
This is a quick and easy dish that comes in handy for weeknight meals, but can be easily doubled or tripled for feeding a large group. Serves four to six.

Happy As A Clam

On a clam boat
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Little Place Big Taste

Chef Greg Seymour
Locally sourced ingredients, hand-made dough from a sourdough starter Chef Greg has cultivated since he was in culinary school and a specially-constructed brick-fire oven all contribute to Pizzeria...

Pork Cutlets with Buttered Leeks and Radishes

Pork Cutlets with Buttered Leeks and Radishes
Little orbs of red, pink, white and even purple, all bundled up with bright green leaves. What says spring more than a perfect bunch of fresh-picked radishes? There’s nothing quite like the...
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