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By Kay Clark | Last Updated January 01, 2015
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tampa bay winter 2015


I’ve been referring to this edition of edible Tampa Bay as the “trash issue.” That’s made some folks a bit uneasy … namely foodie friends who don’t think talking about trash is overly appetizing and advertisers who want to make sure we’re not considering trashing the actual issue.

But since about a fifth of what’s in American landfills is food waste, it seems inappropriate not to devote time to it. Perfectly good crops are left in the field, more food never gets to consumers and even more gets tossed out uneaten (hello shriveled celery at the bottom of the crisper drawer!). Which is why what started as one article about what we throw away (Talking Trash, page 18) turned into two more related articles (Waste Not, Want Not, page 22; Preserving a Way of Life, page 24) – in hopes we can help you, our readers, reduce waste at the source.

That’s not to say the issue is all about trash, though Pam Lunn of The Dancing Goat Dairy in Tampa (The Milk Maid of Tampa, page 14) is pretty darn good about giving new life to just about anything – from salvaged materials to animals and people. However, our intent in every issue is to not only entertain and inform you, but to inspire you to be more thoughtful about what you eat – and, in this case, what you don’t.

So, chop up that celery to make stock, visit a strawberry farm to load up for jam, and, seriously, eat those leftovers you brought home. Food may be easily available in our society, but it shouldn’t be expendable. And having a little more connection to the source is one way to add respect back to our food system.

-Kay Clark, Publisher/Editor

Acorn Squash Soup

This soup recipe balances sweet and savory by combining roasted acorn squash, named for its shape, honey and a pinch of chipotle chile for good measure.

Chili Fennel Brussels Sprouts

chili fennel brussels sprouts
Winter is the perfect time for canning. Stock up on some of your favorite veggies, such as these brussels sprouts, that once canned can last at least a year.

Garlic Dill Refrigerator Pickles

garlic dill pickles
This canning recipe of garlic dill refrigerator pickles is perfect for first timers as it doesn't require processing of the filled jars.

How to Make Basic Stock

Learning how to make basic chicken and vegetable stock for this winter season is the first step to being well on your way to making delicious soups and stews.

Fridge Flush Frittata

This frittata is the perfect Sunday morning brunch meal that utilizes many of your leftovers that are on their way to going in the trash. Bonus: this recipe can also easily be converted into a quiche.

Cinnamon Ginger Herbal Tea

This cinnamon ginger herbal tea is the perfect winter drink as it is both refreshing, smells of the holidays and instantly warms you during the cooler months.

Preserving a Way of Life

As more people pay greater attention not only to where their food comes from, but also what they do with it, the old tradition of canning is making a comeback.

Waste Not, Want Not

shopping list
Reducing food waste isn’t complicated. It just requires a more thoughtful approach to what you buy and how you treat it. Here are tips for limiting your waste.

Talking Trash

talking trash
Estimates say as much as 40% of food goes to waste in the United States and the Tampa Bay area is no exception to the larger trends.

The Milk Maid of Tampa

Pam Lunn
What started as goat babysitting gradually turned into full-scale urban farming where she went from milking four goats for 12 gallons of milk a week, to close to 30, producing about 70 gallons

All About Tea Infographic

tea infographic
Bambi Edlund gives us the 411 on everything we should know about tea from the grades of tea to uses for tea that have lost its flavor.

The Urban Homesteader: A Fruitful New Year

cara cooper
Cara Cooper, environmental consultant by trade, shares the lessons she’s learned as that “party garden” has grown into a full-fledged urban homestead.

The Uncorked Dork: This Wine Taint Quite Right

cute wet dog
Good food calls for good wine, but good doesn’t have to be expensive or pretentious. That’s the philosophy of our very own wine expert, the Uncorked Dork.

Tea it Up: Growing Herbs & Brewing Tea

tea leaves
Coffee may be the drink of choice for early morning wake up calls, but when it’s time to relax – especially if winter has breathed its cool...
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